Learning time: Ruby programming language

Let’s get started and get to know a little bit more about Ruby.
Ruby is an open source object oriented programming language.
It was designed by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto in the 1990s.

Actually, Ruby is becoming increasingly popular due to its object oriented features and clean syntax, but most of all because it is allows cross-platform development, running on Windows, Mac OS X, Unix…

What do you need to know before starting to learn Ruby?

Most Ruby programmers will say: Nothing, just dive into Ruby.

You can start with a book for absolute beginners. It will walk you through programming in general and it will teach you how to use Ruby. A useful book is Cris Pine’s “Clean Ruby”, which is available here.
Zed A. Shaw’s book, “Learning Ruby The Hard Way”, is equally a good resource and you can find it here.
Furthermore, the following tutorial will help you find more about Ruby Classes, Objects, Variables, Methods, and Expressions, etc.

Now you should be ready to install Ruby on your computer and learn by doing.
Download Ruby for Windows, MAC OS, or Linux:  https://www.ruby-lang.org/en/downloads/

More information about installing Ruby on your computer and other useful resources can be found here and here.

Now, let’s dive into Ruby and start building your first application.
It seems that Hackety Hack is “the little coder’s starter kit”. You can download it here. Hackety Hack is the best introduction to Ruby programming that you can have. It is built in such way that everyone can understand it and it will help you go over the basics.

Below you will also find some Ruby video tutorials that will help you advance in your learning process.